Paper Bag scrapbooks

Hi again.  I know, I know… it’s been waaay too long since my last blog post.  January wasn’t a good month for us (I was hospitalized for 2 days [I’m fine now] and we had two deaths) so it has taken me awhile to get back to normal.

About three weeks before Valentine’s Day, I saw on Pinterest this idea of a paper bag scrapbook so I thought it would be fun to make them for my younger grandkids for Valentine’s Day.  Once I got started, I wondered “what were you thinking girl?” but I got them done.  All you have to do is Google paper bag scrapbooks and you will find a ton of ideas in different sizes, styles, orientation, etc., of paper bag scrapbooks. The first one I saw was very basic. After I got started and looked some more for ideas for pages, I saw how involved and detailed you can make them.  There are different ways to place the paper bags so that you can  make pockets or flip up pages, pages that flip out to the side, etc.  You can also use the opening of the paper bag as a pocket for treats, cards, pictures, or additional scrapbook pages.  There are also many ways to put them together from stapling the sides to punching holes and decorating with ribbon and/or yarn to binding them like a book with chipboard, etc.  So you can go real simple or over the top and anywhere in between.

Since I only had a few weeks to do these four scrapbooks, I went very simple in my design.  They were titled “10 things I LOVE about YOU”.  So here are two of the finished books.

DSC_0909        DSC_0910     DSC_0921


Basic supplies you will need: 

  • Paper lunch bags in the size of your choice.  (When I got mine, I didn’t realize they were extra large lunch bags but it worked out well because my books ended up being almost the same size as a 6 x 6 album)
  • Patterned papers and coordinating cardstock
  • Adhesive.  You want to use a strong adhesive so that your papers and cardstock will adhere to the paper bag pages and not come loose. I’ve seen glue guns used and other strong liquid glues.  I used my 1 1/2″ and 1/2″  Scrappy Tape.  With the Scrappy Tape I had to be really careful because the second the tape touched the page, it was stuck!  If you want to be able to adjust the page after you put it down, you might want to consider a strong, fast drying liquid glue that gives you a little wiggle room to adjust your page after you put it down.
  • Embellishments (ribbons, brads, buttons, etc)
  • Photos that you plan to use in the scrapbook.

Additional items I used

  • Cricut – I used my Cricut a lot for my page titles (see below for more pictures) and some of my pages didn’t have pictures.
  • Stapler to bind my books.  I stapled the bags together first and then put paper over top to cover the staples.
  • Ribbon to tie around the books to keep them closed
  • Stamps, dies, inks, and markers

Here is a link to my Pinterest board for paper bag scrapbooks.  You will see there are lots of ideas and different ways to put the bags together to form the scrapbook and depending on the size of your bags, will determine how big they are.

Here are some more pictures of some of the pages in the scrapbooks I made.


Hugs and Kisses cut out on the Cricut. Added a heart brad on the page before adhering it to the paper bag.

our grandson loves dinosaurs

our grandson loves dinosaurs


This is an example of using the opening of the bag as a pocket for a card or extra scrapbook page.

The "Sweet" was cut out on the Cricut. I used the opening of the bag to put some candy for them.

The “Sweet” was cut out on the Cricut. I used the opening of the bag to put a little bag of candy .

Our granddaughter.  "Hugs and Kisses" and "Laugh" cut out on the Cricut

Our granddaughter. “Hugs and Kisses” and “Laugh” cut out on the Cricut

"Your Smile" was generated on the computer in Microsoft Word.  Used a Smiley face stamp to make background paper

“Your Smile” was generated on the computer in Microsoft Word. Used a Smiley face stamp to make background paper

The word "Sweet" cut out on the Cricut.  I used Stampin' Up marker to "doodle" the edges.

The word “Sweet” cut out on the Cricut. I used Stampin’ Up marker to “doodle” around the edges of the letters.

All the backs of the books were finished this way with a Happy Valentine's Day stamp.

All the backs of the books were finished this way with a Happy Valentine’s Day stamp.

This was fun to do. Who knows, I may make some more some day but next time, I will give myself more time so I am not so rushed and will be able to embellish them more.  I made four scrapbooks in about 12 days or so (12 pages each including the front and back covers), but I am happy with the results from my first time making a paper bag scrapbook.  Please leave a comment and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Well, until next time, Happy Stampin’ and Scrappin’




Wine bottle art – Christmas

Hi all,

It’s beginning to feel (or maybe  even look) like Christmas where you are so I was inspired to make another wine bottle decoration.

Green bottle for Christmas 2014

Supplies you will need:

  • Green wine bottle
  • Red burlap (5 1/2″ wide)
  • Printed burlap ribbon (2 1/2″ wide)
  • Tan jute
  • Christmas pick (holly berries/leaves for this bottle)
  • 1/2″ wide Scrappy Tape*
  • Tombow glue
  • Hot glue gun

Putting it all together:

  1. Wash the bottle in soapy water and remove any labels.   Let dry.
  2. Using the red burlap, measure enough to go around your bottle and overlap in the back about inch or so.
  3. Using the Scrappy Tape (see below for more information on Scrappy Tape)  place it on the short edge of the red burlap then adhere the burlap to the bottle.
  4. Put Scrappy Tape on the other end, wrap the bottle tightly and secure overlapping the burlap.
  5. Measure a piece of the printed burlap ribbon to fit around the bottle and overlap about an inch.
  6. Put the Scrappy Tape on the short end and then starting at the back of the bottle center the ribbon on the red burlap
  7. Put Scrappy Tape on the other end and wrap tightly around the bottle and secure to the back.
  8. Next wrap the tan jute around the top of the bottle as shown. For this I used the Tombow glue. Start even with the back seam of the burlap and wrap securing it at the top, again at the back of the bottle.
  9. Heat up the glue gun and while it is heating up figure out the placement for your Christmas pick.  Cut off excess wire if necessary.
  10. Using the glue gun use a fairly generous amount of glue and attach the pick.  Allow to dry for a few minutes.

Quick and easy and fun to make!

*What is Scrappy Tape?

Scrappy Tape comes on a roll of 30 feet in various sizes ranging from 1/8″ to 1 1/2″.  This tape is a paper thin, double-sided tape and it is very strong. I use it on cards, scrapbook pages, and 3-D projects when I want to have a strong hold on the project I am working on.   It is sold online at I have all the widths because they were sold in a bundle for an awesome price a few months back!  You might think what would I use 1 1/2″ tape size for but I have actually used that quite often for panels on cards where I needed extra hold.  You can also just use it for your every day projects as well.  30 yards can go a long way!


Scrappy Tape 1/4"    Scrappy Tape 1-inch

Have a great day and happy crafting!


Snowflake wine bottle

Hi everyone!

I’m in Pennsylvania where we had some snow last night!  It is the first measurable snow that I have seen in 25 years and it was only about an inch of the white stuff!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner so I got some inspiration from my sister and made this really cute wine bottle decoration.

Christmas snowflakes_1

Supplies you will need:  

  • Wine bottle (one that is frosted)
  • Snowflake stickers
  • Lace
  • Scrappy Tape or Tombow Glue

Decorating the wine bottle:

  1. Peel off the label on the wine bottle. (or if paper label, soak it off using hot water with white vinegar in it.  Let the bottle soak for awhile and the label just about falls off)
  2. If you do not have a frosted wine bottle you can buy etching spray paint that will give the same effect.  I haven’t used it so not sure how it works.
  3. After the label is removed, use Un-Du or some other adhesive remover to get the rest of the glue from the label off the bottle.
  4. Let the bottle dry completely
  5. Randomly place the snowflake stickers on the bottle as desired.
  6. Wrap a piece of lace around the top of the bottle.  I used Scrappy Tape  to adhere it to the bottle and then I overlapped the lace slightly and taped it to itself.   Tombow glue will work just as well because it dries clear.

This is so easy to make. If you have never done wine bottle art, this would be a really simple bottle to make as a first attempt at decorating wine bottles.  then you;ll be hooked!!

Have a great day!


Try Stampin’ on Tuesday challenge #190

Hi again! Hope you are all enjoying the fabulous fall weather we are having.  From what I hear, it’s gorgeous over most of the USA!  So I was in the mood for a challenge and so I went back to Try Stampin’ on Tuesday to see what they had to challenge me with.  I haven’t done a challenge for quite awhile with all the summer and fall traveling we were doing, it just wasn’t feasible to do any challenges. But now that we’ve got our last trip under our belts for the year, it’s time to get stampin’ and creatin’!

So this is the sketch.

OCT 28 2014 challenge #190


The challenge (if we choose to take it) is to use this sketch on anything but a card.  So I used a wine bottle.  Here’s what I came up with.

Wine bottle  Closer view of bottle.

Supplies you will need:

  • An empty wine bottle (the fun part is emptying it!)
  • Black jute, tan jute for bow
  • Halloween ribbon
  • Lawn Fawn stamps and dies (Spooktacular stamp set and matching dies)
  • Ultra thin super hold glue dots
  • Tombow Glue

Making the bottle:

  1. After wine bottle is emptied, wash in soapy water and let dry completely
  2. If there is metal ribbing around the top of the bottle remove it – be careful not to cut yourself
  3. Since I am covering the whole bottle in jute, I do not remove the paper labels
  4. Start at the bottom of the bottle and put a small ribbon of Tombow glue all the way around the bottom edge of the bottle
  5. Then start wrapping the jute. I go around once and then wait a minute or two so that the glue has started to dry and the jute is stable.
  6. Continue wrapping and applying glue (I just zig-zag some glue over about a 3/4 inch area on the bottle and wrap my jute.
  7. After a couple of rows of wrapping the jute, stop and slide it down onto itself so that you do not have any of the bottle showing through.
  8. Continue wrapping for a few more rows, slide the jute down onto itself), apply more glue.
  9. Follow steps 7-8 until you have completely wrapped the bottle.  Depending on the bottle you use, you may need to only wrap a row or two at a time around the neck of the bottle and slide it down onto itself.  At this point, I will wait a few minutes and let the glue dry a bit to hold the jute in place.
  10. Decorate the bottle as desired.  I stamped the ghosts in Versafine ink and then cut out with the matching die
  11. For this project I used the glue dots to adhere the ribbon, the ghosts, and the sentiment.  Then I tied a bow with the brown jute at the neck of the bottle.

Have a safe Halloween.  Happy Stamping!


More wine bottle art

Aloha!  Yes we went to Hawaii!! We’ve been back for 10 days now and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to do much crafting. We went to Hawaii for our niece’s wedding (and a beautiful wedding it was on a sunset cruise along the coast of the Hawaii, the Big Island).  For their wedding gift, I decorated four wine bottles to spell l-o-v-e.

Here they are:

Wine bottle art - l-o-v-e

Supplies you will need:  

  • Jute (I used black jute for this project)
  • Embellishments (flowers, buttons, ribbon, twine, keys, lace, brads, etc.)
  • Adhesive:  Tombow glue


  1. First, clean out your wine bottles with soapy water and let dry. For some wine bottles, it seemed I had to do this more than once.   Since I was covering the entire bottle, I did not remove the labels. I did, however, remove the metal band at the top of the bottles I used.  If you do not plan on covering the entire bottle in Jute, you would need to remove the labels.
  2. Using the Tombow Glue and Jute wrap each bottle.  To get started, I place some Tombow glue around the bottom edge of the wine bottle and wrap jute around a time or two.  I let this sit for a few minutes so that the glue begins to dry and holds the jute in place.  (I have seen some instructions where they start at the top of the bottle, which is perfectly fine, too, For me, I think it is easier to start at the bottom and work my way up.  Try both ways and see what works best for you.)
  3. Next I continue to add glue and wrap with jute.  I will wrap 3-5 rows of jute and then press it down upon itself so that the bottle does not show through.  Add more glue, wrap, and press down upon itself.  I continue this all the way to the top of the bottle.  It does get a little tricky around the neck of the bottle and there I may only wrap 2-4 strands and press it down upon itself.
  4. When the whole bottle is wrapped, I usually will let it sit over night before decorating.
  5. Decorate as desired.  For this project the Tombow Glue worked well for the embellishments, too.  The bottles made it safely to Hawaii even though I was forced to check my carry on bag which had the bottles in it.  Whew!

Wine bottle decorating has become quite popular as of late and you can find all kinds of ideas on Pinterest  (here is my board with some ideas:  My sister, Joanne Rill, is the one who got me started decorating wine bottles (here is the link to her Pinterest board  I find it fun and relaxing.  I hope you will give it a try.

We have the Fourth of July coming up and I’m working on a card idea for that and also, it will soon be Christmas in July!!

I’ll talk to you soon!  Until then, happy crafting!


Wedding Card

Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s June already.  June is a big wedding month and so  I decided to play along with the Paper Players this week as their challenge is Wedded Bliss.  Our niece is getting married on June 13 so I needed a card for her wedding, so this is the perfect challenge for me.


Here is the card I am submitting:


Supplies you will need:  

  • Cardstock:  Whisper White, Rich Razzelberry, Basic Black, Gold linen paper (from Hobby Lobby)
  • Heart shaped doily
  • Punches:   Bird punch, scalloped oval, heart
  • Pearls
  • Ribbon
  • Cuttlebug embossing folder
  • Perfect Layers Tool
  • Adhesives, glue dots, and dimensionals

Assembling the card:

  1. Form a 5 x 7 ” card with the Whisper White cardstock
  2. Cut a piece of Rich Razzelberry 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ and run it through the Cuttlebug embossing folder of your choice.  Adhere to black cardstock
  3. Using Perfect Layers tool trim the black cardstock using  1/8″
  4. Next attach your ribbon to the card front as shown.
  5. Attach this panel to the front of the card base.
  6. Attach the heart shaped doily to this front panel using thin glue dots.
  7. Punch out a heart from the gold linen paper and attach to heart doily as shown
  8. Punch out birds, one black and one white.  Punch out wings from coordinating DSP and attach to birds as shown.
  9. Attach the birds to the front of the doily as shown using dimensionals.
  10. Stamp sentiment onto small scrap of white cardstock and punch out with the scalloped oval punch.  Adhere to front of card using dimensionals.
  11. Attach pearls to front of card as shown (on sentiment and heart shaped doily).

Well, thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful day and can find some time to create!



Another wine bottle

Hello again,

Today I am sharing another wine bottle that I decorated using Jute and a crocheted flower I bought at a crop and a little bit of lace.  What I am learning as I make these wine bottles is how to wrap the jute around them and wrap tightly.  I wrap a few times around and then slide the jute down against the row before it so that the bottle is not showing through the jute.  This bottle, I feel, is the best one I’ve done so far.  (Click on the picture for a closer view).

Wine bottle art

Wine bottle art

As you can see, the jute on this bottle is wrapped much “tighter” with no gaps between the rows of jute.  I’ve been using Tombow Glue (green capped bottle) to adhere the Jute to the bottle and it seems to be working well.  You can’t see in the picture but I have wrapped some of the same lace that is on the top of the bottle around the middle of the bottle where the flower is.  I put a brad in the middle of the flower as well and adhered it with a lot of glue.

I’ve been working on invitations for our family reunion in July (60 of them!) as well as some other wine bottles as a wedding gift for our niece who is getting married next month. When those are finished, I will post a picture here.

I hope you find some time to do something creative.  Until next time, happy crafting!