Another wine bottle

Hello again,

Today I am sharing another wine bottle that I decorated using Jute and a crocheted flower I bought at a crop and a little bit of lace.  What I am learning as I make these wine bottles is how to wrap the jute around them and wrap tightly.  I wrap a few times around and then slide the jute down against the row before it so that the bottle is not showing through the jute.  This bottle, I feel, is the best one I’ve done so far.  (Click on the picture for a closer view).

Wine bottle art

Wine bottle art

As you can see, the jute on this bottle is wrapped much “tighter” with no gaps between the rows of jute.  I’ve been using Tombow Glue (green capped bottle) to adhere the Jute to the bottle and it seems to be working well.  You can’t see in the picture but I have wrapped some of the same lace that is on the top of the bottle around the middle of the bottle where the flower is.  I put a brad in the middle of the flower as well and adhered it with a lot of glue.

I’ve been working on invitations for our family reunion in July (60 of them!) as well as some other wine bottles as a wedding gift for our niece who is getting married next month. When those are finished, I will post a picture here.

I hope you find some time to do something creative.  Until next time, happy crafting!



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