Heat embossing paper doilies

Hi all.  I know it’s been a few days since my last post.  I spent those days worrying about my family up north in Pennsylvania after they had 10 inches of snow on Monday and then an ice storm on Wednesday that covered everything in a half-inch or more of ice. Trees were falling everywhere and downing power lines. This left many people without power, including my family, for up to 4 days!!  Now that they all have their power back, I can breathe easier!

Well today, as promised, I am going to go into more detail about the heat embossing on the paper doilies.  My first thought when I heard of this technique was that I would end up burning up the doily with the heat tool but that is far from the truth.  It actually works great.  Here is a card where I did the heat embossing of the doily.

Doily heat embossed with Melon Mambo embossing powder

Doily heat embossed with Melon Mambo embossing powder

Items you will need: 

  • Doily (of course!)
  • VersaMark ink
  • Embossing powder (your choice of color)
  • Embossing tray
  • Heat tool
  • Scrap paper


  1. Lay the doily on the scrap paper.
  2. Stamp on the doily using the VersaMark pad.  I did only half the doily at a time. Also since we are embossing the entire doily, you do not need to use the embossing buddy for this technique.
  3. Hold the doily over the embossing tray and pour the embossing powder over the part that has the VersaMark Ink.  Tap off the excess embossing powder.
  4. Heat emboss.  You will know it is embossed when the embossing powder becomes shiny.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other side of the doily. You may have a “line” where the two “embossings”  (is that even a word?!) meet but doilies are most often used as a background and so this can easily be covered by the other embellishments that you use on your project.

I just love the outcome of this technique and hope that you will give it a try.  Thanks for stopping by!



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